Our Company

Coupling Services Ltd has contact partners in more than 300 locations in 16 countries, allowing us to procure and distribute the displayed product ranges throughout the world.

Our ability to provide such a range of products gives our customers the opportunity to single source supply of all the world’s leading brands.

We offer competitive pricing through our buying power and excellent levels of product availability. We are also committed to manufacturing our own products in our UK factory.

Our strong local presence enables us to remain responsive to local requirements and offer a tailor made service adapted to specific needs.

We understand that different industries have bespoke needs and our extensive experience means we can offer the right products and services in any environment.

Extensive global presence allows us to offer added value to all of our customers, small and large, both local and global.

Whether you are interested in reducing your total acquisition costs, your working capital or improving your production efficiency or energy management, Coupling Services have the solution for you.

A Digital Agency

The digital age means we constantly update our online content.

Be that drawings , data sheets and other relevant knowledge to help customers

Forward Thinking

Research and Development are a day to day occurrence at Coupling Services Ltd.

We are constantly looking for the next technical edge / Improvement in performance of

materials, products and manufacturing techniques.

Problem Solvers

The Problem-Definition Process at Coupling Services Ltd

How to developing the right solution.

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

Implementing New Ideas in a Controlled Way.


Customer Support

Coupling Services Ltd have the technical expertise and knowledge of the majority couplings and their applications.

We succeed in customer support as we have the foresight to help solve problems for people and organisations. Our innovation and skills not only keep things running smoothly, but we continually look for opportunities to streamline and simplify . This results in solutions tailor made to the application and various scenarios resulting in the client saving money long term.

Our Story

Some of the Key performance Indicators

  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%
  • On Time Deliveries 95% 95%
  • Quote Response within 24Hrs 92% 92%
  • Customer Feedback 100% 100%